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we appropriate random objects, abandoned puppets and discarded materials

we give them new jobs, new names and new attire and we put them on a stage where they tell stories about the eternal pressures of existence, ambition and survival

PIXIEMATOSIS was the first thing we made; a universally recognisable tale of compulsion and it's consequences played out in a 'magical' midnight garden and told with minimal language. the show toured the UK in 2023 and was featured at Moving Parts Puppetry Festival in Newcastle.


The Ballad of the Underwater Daughter is our latest experiment. it is either a highly personal story about Marc’s experiences of being a Dad, turned into a theatre show or an exploration of the states of frustration and anxiety that can strangle our own life journeys. this show constitutes the resolution of an Arts Council funded project which sought to blur the boundaries between theatrical performance and art gallery exhibition. The Ballad of the Underwater Daughter will tour the UK from spring 2024

short-term/long-term goals

- theatre

- animated installations

- music / film

- laboratory workshops

- procrastination, protracted thinking time and endless debate


Marc Parrett - project leader / artistic director

Nicole Colbert -  director / costume / textiles 

Luc Parrett - composer 

Frances Merriman - director 

Natasha Hudson - performer / devisor

the outcome

we'll let you know when we're done


activities 23/24



The ballad of the underwater daughter

tiny clown's big adventure

installation/street theatre:

things we lost in the storm


the existential petshop


mrs raw



0.1 - hyde park book club

0.2 - tbc

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