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everything was perfect in the midnight garden. the flowers grew, the fairies flew, the grobbity grobbits danced a merry dance in the twinkly moonlight. then one day, without warning, the deranged gardener (next door) threw the shed door wide, and let loose the massive-evil-pitchfork-of-doom


PIXIEMATOSIS is a happy/sad tale of tiny extraordinary creatures living in a nocturnal paradise who realise, far too late, that they are being exploited for a distinctly sinister purpose


featuring sqwonky puppets, odd-automata and a slew of charity-shop rejects, PIXIEMATOSIS is not unlike watching a lost episode of Bagpuss, filmed by the Tales of the Unexpected crew… or witnessing Fingermouse being folded up and used to stop a pub table wobbling


come along, be charmed, be appalled; get swept up in the existential madness of it all




probably only suitable for adults and ages 14+


50 mins - no interval


written, constructed and performed by Marc Parrett

mostly mime / minimal text

PIXIEMATOSIS features puppet representations of death, violence and burial

the show contains strong language and audio representations of military combat

there is a lot of love in this show. surprises delightful and traumatic. laughter and horror. I highly recommend it

audience member - Ashburton Arts Centre

reviews and comments for PIXIEMATOSIS / 2023


“we loved Pixiematosis and people still talk about how brilliant it was.”

Jack Robson - Crediton Arts Centre


“there is a lot of love in this show. surprises delightful and traumatic. laughter and horror. I highly recommend it."

audience member - Ashburton Arts Centre


"i saw Pixiematosis last night in Crediton with my daughter, we absolutely ABSOLUTELY loved this show! i didn't want it to end it was wonderful!! the synergy between the lady (Nicole?) who was the sound engineer and Marc was absolutely divine...when Blinky bit into that apple 😯...the goggles on Barbie my mind it was alive, the whole universe was in the room and we were captivated from beginning to end...Marc you are an absolute joy 😊❤️👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars! i could write sooooo much..x”

audience member - Crediton Arts Centre via YouTube


“such an incredible show! i'm still digesting it.”

audience member - Wardrobe Theatre Bristol - via instagram

upcoming tour dates

Feb 16th 2024 - Smethwick Puppetry Festival

West Smethwick Park Pavillion, West Park Road, Smethwick. B66 7JJ

pay as you feel event - 7pm

book via


2023 tour 

April 6th 2023 - The Object Project, Bramley, Leeds  

April 11th 2023 - Newcastle Puppetry Festival


April 29th 2023 - Crediton Arts Centre, Devon


April 30th 2023 - Tinner’s Moon Festival, Ashburton Arts Centre, Devon


May 1st 2023 - 44AD Art Gallery, Bath

May 2nd 2023 - Front Room Theatre, Weston-Super-Mare

June 20th & 21st 2023 - The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol


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